Our statement on GDPR NEW

Is Eventor.app GDPR compliant?

On May 25, 2018, a new European Union data protection law GDPR https://eugdpr.org takes effect. To comply with the new laws we have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of our Service. These two documents explain what kind of information we collect and how we use the information you give us.

We know it is a lot of reading, here is a quick summary of what is in there. We do collect certain Personal Data in order to run the service (Eventor.app). We identify our role as Data processor”, where as your (customer) role is Data controller.

In GDPR terms Data processors are third-parties who process personal data on behalf of data controllers, and must in particular implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures that meet the requirements of the GDPR.

In GDPR terms Data controllers are individuals or entities that determine the purpose and means of the processing of personal data of EU citizens, and must therefore be compliant with the GDPR and ensure any third-parties to which they transmit or otherwise make available personal data are also compliant.

Our main principles handling your “Personal Data” are:

  • We never share any private account information like Email, phone number, with any third parties.
  • We never share any information (guests lists etc.) you upload to our platform with any third parties.
  • We use latest data protection techniques to make sure your data is safe
  • We store the data in two locations: Germany (EU) and Switzerland (outside of EU).
  • We only use your Private data in connection with the service we provide (Eventor.app)
  • Once you terminate your Eventor.app account we make sure all your data is deleted from our servers

In order for us, as data processor, to provide GDPR compliance we operate under the assumption that you as a data controller do the following:

  • Obtain personal data of EU citizens with valid permission only, as set forth by GDPR only, including explicit and informed consent
  • Act in compliance with the GDPR’s rules and any other applicable data protection or information privacy laws and regulations
  • Agree to have ClickOn GmbH (the legal owner and operator of Eventor.app) act as data processor on your behalf